Urban Traders 3 Hole Winter Blue Ski Mask

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Urban Traders 3 Hole Winter Blue Ski Mask

Use the 3-Hole Winter Blue Ski Mask to keep your face warm during cold weather. It will come in handy during those cold winter months when the temperatures begin to rapidly drop.

This 3-hole ski mask has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry from place to place. When conditions get too cold for you to handle, you'll be able to easily put it on in seconds. It's made from soft material that makes it comfortable enough for you to wear for a long period of time. The color makes it easy for you to blend it well with the rest of your outfit.  You can wear it during snowstorms, while working outside or while participating in snow sports.

It boasts 3 holes for the eyes and the mouth so that you can see where you're going and you can speak clearly to others. This warm winter face mask keeps sensitive appendages safe when the cold winds begin to blow. This 3-Hole Winter Ski Mask will make a useful addition to the rest of your winter gear. 

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TITLE:  Urban Traders 3 Hole Winter Blue Ski Mask

DESCRIPTION: Urban Traders 3 Hole Winter Ski Mask in Blue

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