Dragon Ying Yang Tapestries

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Dragon Yin Yang (Ying Yang) Tapestry by Urban Traders

Hang this on a wall, drape over a couch or chair, or hang over a window - the possibilities or endless and limited only by your imagination! Maked a very interesting mood control effect when a soft slot light or grow light is placed behind it.

This hard to find tapestry only from Urban Traders is the perfect conversation piece to accent your personality and decorating as well as lifestyle expressions.

This tapestry features the classic Asian Yin Yang motif as well as the duopoly of dragons on both sides of the Ying&Yang circle of life.

Item: Dragon Ying&Yang Tapestry 

Item #: DYYT-0001

Weight: 2lbs

Size: 4 feet by 6 feet

Color: multicolored 

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